Robin Gibb's Blue Glass Mews

The music of the Bee Gees has been the soundtrack of the lives of so many people the world over, marking their emotional highs and lows. Ever since their very first single release in 1963, they have not only brought so much joy to the world through their unique style of music and harmony, the impact of their works on society changed the very face of pop culture. Not only are the big ballads that marked the earlier years a contributing force that shaped modern music genres, but the late 1970's disco-era hits on the soundtrack to one of the most iconic movies in history, "Saturday Night Fever", left a lasting impression on popular music and fashion. So much so that its safe to say that the existence of the entire House Music and Electronic Dance Music scenes are a direct consequence of the Bee Gee's disco-era recordings. 

The Bee Gees continued to have success through the 1980s, 90s & the early "noughties" after the turn of the 21st century. It was in this latter period of the late 90s and early noughties that Robin began wearing his now iconic blue sunglasses, which have since become an inseparable association with his overall image and memory.

Robin always wanted to create a line of sunglasses and now the dream is a reality. Here, finally, in forms tailored in accordance with his favourite & ideal sunglass designs, they are made available to the public.

 Now, finally available exclusively from KTT LEGACY, via Robin's immediate family, who have recently decided to share one of their most guarded secrets for the very first time: Robin's favourite Blue Sunglass designs!

Designs which were first intended to be manufactured in partnership with other companies around the globe, for Redbreast Record's (now RedBreast Ltd.) plans to enter the world of online e-commerce., which sadly never came to fruition. 

But they're finally available to one and all.

Here, we are proud to present the first of our Robin Gibb Style Blue Glass range, based on his ideal, favourite designs for blue-tint sunglasses.

We must stress that THESE ARE NOT SUNGLASSES WHICH WERE ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY WORN BY THE LATE, GREAT ROBIN GIBB OF THE BEE GEES, they are designs he created with his son Robin-John Gibb (known to most as RJ) &  all of the shades arrive brand spanking new.

Each item & model of shades were manufactured to exact specifications, based upon Robin's favourite lens & frame colours respectively, as well as his ideal sunglass design attributes.    

The overall collection is called 'Robin Gibb's Blue Glass Mews' in an ode to Blue Grass music  

However, it also contains sub-collections of The Classics so look out for those. All of the sunglasses were inspired by his all-time favourite sunglass colours, frame cut design features, & attributes. The Mew's also includes one of our company KTT's core, "flagship" products:

'Robin Hugh Gibb's No.1 Classic Round Blue-Tints' aka "Bodding's Blues"

There's also other collector's items such as  his Classic Violet-Tints, as well as his Classic Pink-Tints. All the Classic Collection colours & designs of which he sported, at one time or another, on-stage, on television, or when attending important events & award ceremonies.

However, we also have an array of additional, alternative choices, which Robin also liked to rock "behind the scenes"

 Of all these choices there are special collector's shades which grant whoever buys them instant membership of the MUSE Club.  The name of every single customer who orders a pair of any of Robin's MUSE Club **CLASSIC DESIGN**, ideal designs from his Blue Glass Mews, will be recorded in our database and they will duly receive a MUSE Membership (MUSE or M.U.S.E. stands for Magnificent, Unique, Spectacular & Exceptional but it might as well have meant  'Member Under Symbiotic Enrolment' as this is a mutually beneficial membership where the more **Classic** products you purchase from us, the more gifts and opportunities you receive in return. For instance a customer who purchases a pair from the "Classic Designs" (you can tell which items they are as the shades will have **CLASSIC** in their product title) will receive a Robin Gibb's Blue Glass Mews MUSE Club **Classic** t-shirt and a signed, never before seen, family photograph from the family's own private photograph collection.

Whenever & wherever possible, we try to make affordable to the many what is usually only affordable to the few. So with the more expensive collector's shades in 'the B.G. Mews' we've managed to call in favours and haggle our way to get the cost of materials down from what are usually the £150 - £350 range at retail, to a very satisfying on average £70 - £99 range at retail! Its incredible & we still are overjoyed & baffled at how we managed to pull it off, but we did so please enjoy the affordability as its about so much more than making a profit, its about keeping alive the music, the memory, the culture & indeed the Legacy of Robin Gibb and his brothers Barry, Maurice & Andy. RJ Gibb is hard at work accomplishing just that & more, with the creation of the new group 'LEGACY PROJECT' of (apart from RJ himself), Blue Weaver the original keyboard player for the Bee Gees at the height of their success (look out for his own signature shades the 'Blue's Saturday Night Weavers' coming soon to the Blue Glass Mew), & the Brothers Egiziano, 3 real brothers from Calabria Italy who have been harmonising together since they were mere children, exactly like the BEE GEES and who have dedicated their lives to keeping Gibb music performed live, alive. Apart from live tours around the world, they will be releasing covers of Gibb music including hits from Robin's solo albums, including 'Juliet', which RJ has just performed on Zoom virtual live-stream concerts & on youtube, as well as recorded a studio version which he'll be releasing this year along with RJ's own songs from his long anticipated catalogue, which he is happy to finally begin releasing for everyone to enjoy. Look out for LEGACY PROJECT merchandise on KTT Legacy & the B.G. Mews.