Legacy "Giftables"

At KTT we are dedicated to manufacturing and sourcing the most unique, the most exquisite and the most useful products for our consumers. From fine foods, wines and liquors to the finest threads in fashion for women, men, children & babies. We also pride ourselves in fielding the most "gift-able" items for any occasion or celebration whether it be baby showers, Christenings, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and any other such merriment. In these new extraordinary, uncertain and indeed unprecedented times that we find ourselves due to the horrendous Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, we understand the changing landscape of the market and the alteration of people's everyday priorities, needs, requirements and comforts. Therefore we are proud to announce that we will soon be introducing some new collections to help with everyday existence to help you open up in lock down  "Trappings" our new comfort-wear collection for passing time around the house in the most comfortable yet fashionable clothing available, as well as "Boredom-Busters" our new collection of toys, games and entertainment for you to pass the time, alone and with your loved ones. We also have also launched The Meet Collection. "Meet" is our new line of handy, useful products thetas are "just right" for your needs concerning home improvement, kitchenware, fitness-aids, gym-wear and other leisure products. Thats not all either, we launching more collections in the not too distant future.

So, Finally we'd just like to say welcome to the KTT family, we hope you find what you need, or indeed something you didn't know you needed, amongst our various and wonderful product collections.